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Chris Daughtry is no stranger to auditions.  But the former "American Idol" contestant's recent try out for a spot in the Star Wars Cantina Band didn't go quite as planned, despite a strong start. 

Daughtry plays a red-faced, dual-guitar-wielding rocker known as "Chris Darthtry" in the new video from  The clip also features a bad audition from Ben Folds, who bums everyone out with his piano ballad about shooting an Ewok. 

Liz Phair doesn't have much luck either with her acoustic protest ballad about the Death Star, while Mark McGrath fails to convince anyone that his fellow Sand People are really all about hanging at the beach. 

After running out of options, the band leader reluctantly gives the job to Rick Springfield, a.k.a. Rick Forcefield, who can play an out of tune guitar solo using only the Force. 

Check it out below!