Esther Price's Rich Heritage

As distinctive as Esther Price’s gold box, so is the taste of our chocolates. Esther Price Candies continues the tradition of old-fashioned quality using the same recipes that Esther Price herself perfected over 85 years ago! Many chocolates are still made by hand, just like in Esther’s day!

It all began when Esther Price first learned to make fudge in her 7th grade Home Economics class. She was so excited she ran home and asked her mother if she could make more. Esther then branched into making chocolates which she would take to her co-workers at a department store in downtown Dayton, Ohio. After starting her family in 1926, these same co-workers encouraged her to continue making candy for them to buy. Her venture selling chocolates from her home business continued for 30 years. Then in 1952, Esther opened her first store on Wayne Ave in Dayton, Ohio, which is still our headquarters today! Little did Esther know that her passion for chocolate would grow into one of the most sought after chocolates in Ohio, as well as one of the finest candy-producing operations in the world!

It was Esther’s belief that fresh dairy cream and butter make the difference in her recipes and she insisted on using only the finest ingredients available in every candy piece she made. To this day, Esther Price Candies continues to use locally produced milk and butter, fancy grade almonds, pecans, and cashews that are unmistakable in every delicious bite. Loyal consumers from all over the country enjoy the pure goodness of our chocolates made without the need for added extenders, fillers or preservatives. We still make all Esther Price Chocolates in Esther’s original plant location on Wayne Avenue. Esther would be so proud to know her chocolates were voted as the “Best of Ohio” by Ohio Magazine readers.

Esther sold her company in 1976, to four businessmen from Cincinnati, Ohio. The remaining two, Jim Day and Ralph Schmidt, of the four original partners, operated Esther Price Candies together until 2006, carrying forward Esther's high quality standards.

In 2006, Esther Price Candies, once again, became a family owned business as Jim Day became the sole owner. Jim was joined by his three daughters, sons-in-law and granddaughters. The Day Family actively runs the operations and provides guidance as members of the Board of Directors. Many loyal employees, some hired by Esther, work alongside the Day family.

Today, Esther Price Candies has six retail stores that are open year-round and customers can place online orders 24 hours a day. The wholesale department ensures our chocolates are also readily available in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus area grocery stores. Esther Price Candies employs over 100 people.

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