Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t just look more like a movie than a video game - it cost as much (if not more) to make too.  The highly-anticipated game hit store shelves earlier this week, and is projected to make as much as six times the $250 million it cost to develop and market in its first year.  This prediction seems reasonable, considering its predecessor, GTA 4, raked in a whopping $900 million.  So, should you believe the hype?  GTA 5 is being called “preposterously enjoyable,” “a staggering technological achievement” and “the best game in the series to date.” Critics praise not only the thrill of actually playing the game, but the entertainment value of its story.  Of course, any video game about gangsters and heists is going to attract some negative press; detractors have criticized GTA 5’s violence and sexism.  And then there are those who are a little too inspired by GTA’s depiction of crime in New York, three men were arrested for posing as cops in order to jump the line at a gaming store.  And in the UK, a man was attacked by a trio of teenagers while on his way home from buying the game. Find more, including about access to “Grand Theft Auto Online,” a multiplayer version HERE