On Seinfeld, George lamented he wouldn't get the chance to name his future kid "7," however, according to a check of Social Security Administration records, at least five babies in the U.S. fared a lot worse in the name department: they're called "Zzyzx." That's right, their parents named them Zzyzx -- pronounced Zay-Zix -- according to the website eBabyNames.com.

Participants in eBabyNames.com's informal survey of 1,500 people agreed it was the strangest name they’d heard of in the last 15 years -- and the competition wasn’t easy. The voters’ Top 10 included names like Nimrod, Lucifer and Jealousy.

While those names may make phonetic sense, Zzyzx wins the alphabetical game -- if the alphabet were reversed, that is.

But the name is not quite as unique as you might think. A town and a road in San Bernardino County, Calif., carry the same name, according to eBabyNames.com. The site said the place name is rumored to mean “the last place on earth” -- just as the baby name likely would be last on an alphabetically organized list.

Parents playing the alphabet game may not be unheard of. Survey respondents told eBabyNames.com they had heard of babies named Abcde, pronounced AB-sid-ee, according to the website.