Black Sabbath Plays Final Show in Birmingham, England

Black Sabbath finished its year-long "The End" farewell tour on Saturday night (February 4th) in the band's hometown of Birmingham, England, closing out the quartet's groundbreaking 49-year career with an emotional 15-song set. Singer Ozzy Osbourne told the BBC shortly before the concert, "Since I’ve got to this building today, I’ve been happy, I’ve been tearful. One of the proudest things I have in my heart is the fact that Black Sabbath wasn’t a band that was created by some big mogul. It was four guys who said let’s have a dream, and it came true beyond our wildest expectations.”

Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi said that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of doing one-off shows or even more recording, saying, "I wouldn't write that off, if one day that came about. That's possible. Or even doing an album, 'cause then, again, you're in one place." The band decided to make this tour its last because Iommi, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and is currently in remission, can no longer travel for extended amounts of time. 

Black Sabbath’s final set list:

1. “Black Sabbath”

2. “Fairies Wear Boots”

3. “Under the Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes”

4. “After Forever”

5. “Into The Void”

6. “Snowblind”

7. “War Pigs”

8. “N.I.B.”

9. “Hand Of Doom”

10. “Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania” (medley)

11. “Rat Salad” 

12. “Iron Man”

13. “Dirty Women”

14. “Children Of The Grave”Encore

15. “Paranoid”



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