Remember The Titans Star Ethan Suplee Shocks Fans With Massive Weight Loss

Ethan Suplee has been hitting the gym!

On Friday (January 10), the 43-year-old actor — who is known for his roles in Remember the Titans, My Name Is Earl, and Boy Meets World — took to Instagram to show off his body transformation. "Between sets ama? All done now, thanks for the company," he captioned a photo of him looking extremely buff while at the gym.

Ethan opened up about his massive weight loss and overall fitness journey two days prior on the premiere episode of his podcast, American Glutton. He admitted that throughout his life, he’s “gained and lost probably close to 1,000 pounds at this point.” However, he said that he now focuses on using “food as an energy source” to achieve his goals in the gym. “My goal right now is a six-pack, and I’m not far off. Pretty f**king close actually,” he shared. “So it’s an utterly vain goal. I don’t care. Who cares? I’ve never had a vain goal like that before.” He also said he working toward deadlifting twice his weight.

Ethan also discussed his relationship with food and how it’s changed over the years on the podcast. “I guess the first diet I was ever on, I was 5 years old,” he said. “I had not thought about food really other than enjoying food up until that point. I went to visit my grandparents in Vermont and they were kind of shocked at the state of me. Now back then—this was like late ’70s, early ’80s—the fat version of me at 5 years old was probably close to what the average is today, but back then it was startling.

“You know, there weren’t a lot of fat kids back then, certainly not as many as there are now,” the actor continued. “So they weighed me and they were just shocked. I don’t know what the numbers were but their response was not good and they started limiting my food. … I learned really quickly that when I wanted a second plate of lasagna I had to do it really quickly without them seeing.”

These days though, Ethan says, “Food is a functional fuel I use to live and that’s how I am thinking about it right now.”

Photo: Getty Images

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