TOOL's Danny Carey Celebrates Neil Peart During Drum Solo

There may be no band more important to Tool than Rush and no drummer more important than Neil Peart.

Peart reportedly passed away last Tuesday after a long and private battle with brain cancer. News of Peart's death stunned the rock world and drew tributes from all corners of the music industry.

While Peart's influence can be felt across countless band, parallels between Rush's iconic percussionist and Tool's similarly-revered Danny Carey are obvious.

At a Friday concert in San Diego, Tool made a point to celebrate Peart and Rush with its audience in a cathartic display of admiration for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

Tool took the stage to Rush's "2112" and later performed part of "A Passage to Bangkok." But the most significant gesture of the night was Carey's overt thanks to Peart during his nightly drum solo.

Fan-shot video from Carey's solo — a piece called "Chocolate Chip Trip" from the band's latest album, Fear Inoculum — shows Carey resuming his seat at the drums below a gigantic image of himself and Peart, smiling behind Peart's massive drum kit.

Carey's intricate style of drumming is a direct result of Peart's and over the course of his solo, he artfully utilizes several of Peart's phrases, including a signature snare pattern from Rush's "YYZ" at about 2 minutes in, which drew a roar of approval from the San Diego audience.

You can see part of the solo in the video player above.

Get more information about Tool's Fear Inoculum tour here.

Photo: Getty Images

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