Watch David Lee Roth Kick Off His Las Vegas Residency

With all the bleak news coming out about the future of Van Halen, fans are more than ready to enjoy David Lee Roth bringing all his camp and personality back to the stage.

Just like Roth himself said, there's no better place for him to do it than Vegas!

Roth took the stage at House of Blues Las Vegas stage last Wednesday, January 8, in what amounted to his first full concert performance in years.

On night 2 of the residency, Jan. 10, Roth took the stage wearing a sequined coat that completely justified his sunglasses. While some fans lamented that legendary Van Halen front man's vocals aren't what they used to be, from the looks of fan-shot video uploaded to YouTube by Videobob Moseley, Roth's sold-out audience didn't mind a little pitchiness.

Check it out int he video played above.

While Roth certainly tells it like he takes his vocals seriously, he's acutely aware that his personality is his biggest asset, and that wasn't even a little bit flat.

Van Halen fans spent the first six months or so of 2019 eagerly awaiting news of a reunion between the band and longtime bassist Michael Anthony, only to find that it had mysteriously fallen through.

While it later came out that Eddie Van Halen has been battling throat cancer, Roth maintained that he would no longer rely on Eddie or Alex Van Halen for his own performing. He announced the Vegas residency and a number of tour dates through this coming summer — his first solo tour in 13 years.

In Vegas, Roth is leaning on his Van Halen catalog, plus a selection of famed VH covers, though he has assured audiences that no two shows will feature the same setlist.

For David Lee Roth tickets and tour dates, go here.

Photo: Getty Images

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