If You Bought This Lottery Ticket In Ohio, You're A Millionaire

Photo: Getty Images

When someone wins the lottery, especially if it's a life-changing sum like $1 million, most winners won't hesitate to rush to lottery headquarters and claim their prize. However, life can get busy and lead to some winners forgetting to check their tickets to see if they hit the jackpot. This may be the case for a lucky winner whose lottery ticket purchased in Ohio won a nearly $1.5 million prize — a prize that remains unclaimed.

On Thursday (May 4), the Ohio Lottery Commission announced that a Classic Lotto ticket purchased at the Don's Grocery in Oxford in Butler County won the $1.4 million prize, per WHIO. While this would be cause for any lucky winner to celebrate, the prize remains unclaimed nearly a week after the win was announced.

If you think you may have purchased the ticket, now's the time to check to see if you won. These are the lucky numbers that helped the to-be-determined winner score their huge prize:

Numbers: 8-15-24-28-43-47

Kicker: 936438

As of Tuesday (May 9), the prize has still not been claimed. The winner has 180 days from the date of the drawing to collect their winnings from their nearest Ohio Lottery regional office or else forfeit their claim to the jackpot, with the money reportedly going toward Ohio schools instead.

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