2 Inmates On The Run, 2 Re-Arrested After Escaping Jail

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Two inmates were re-arrested and two remain on the run after escaping from a Louisiana jail over the weekend, ABC News reports.

Omarion Hookfin, 19; Avery Guidry, 19; Jamarcus Cyprian, 20; and Travon Johnson, 21, all managed to escape through a weak portion of the Tangipahoa Parish Jail's chain-linked fence on Saturday (May 25) and Sunday (May 26), Chief Jimmy Travis told reporters during a news conference on Monday (May 27).

Officials were notified of the breakouts when a relative called the jail and revealed that two of the inmates escaped Saturday and came to their home in the middle of the night looking for a place to stay. Two more inmates had already escaped by the time the jail reacted to the initial report.

"It's very concerning. If the proper head counts had been conducted, we would [have] known about it immediately," Travis said via ABC News.

Johnson and Guidry were located shortly after authorities received a call from someone who claimed to have seen them. Both suspects were previously arrested in relation to a 2022 homicide in Hammond, Louisiana, and found hiding behind a dumpster near a Dollar General store about 22 miles away from the jail.

Hoofkin, who was also arrested in relation to the 2022 homicide, and Cyprian, who was previously incarcerated for armed robbery and weapon charges, remain on the lamb and are expected to have left Tangipahoa Parish, according to Travis.

The investigation is ongoing, however, authorities believe the suspects broke through a corroded piece of fence while outside for recreation time.

"Apparently they made their way, they hid and after dark, they went under a wall and they were able to scale two fences and get away," Travis said via ABC News.

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