PAUL McCARTNEY: How's He Like His Tea

Paul McCartney, in his website's You Gave Me the Answer column, was asked how he likes his tea.

He says, "I take my tea with some soya milk and one sugar. If I’m really feeling naughty, one and a half sugars… I know, I’m living on the edge!

"The funny thing is, I’m not a big tea drinker, but at the studio these things become a ritual... at the office too. It’s like – here’s a bagel, with a cup of tea. And that’s the only time I ever really have tea. I drink it at the studio or at the office, it just seems to fit. I don’t want a big lunch, so just that bagel and tea is great..."

McCartney turned 78 on June 18th and he posted a thank you note to his fans for the birthday wishes while standing in the bathroom.